To The Brightest Witch of Her Age

Miss Hermione Granger.

She's one of those characters that just gets under your skin (in the best way!), and never really leaves. You find bits of her in the things you do, and you resonate with this part of her, or that. There is just something about this strong-willed, assertive, knowledge-seeking girl that I feel a kinship with. I think maybe the whole nose-always-in-a-book thing plays a role. :)

She is such an incredible friend - the kind that takes care of you and has your back ALWAYS, even if you can't see it that way at the time (ahem, firebolt!). She isn't afraid to speak her mind, and leans into her ambition and wit to carry her through whatever naysayers may throw her way. She can be kind, but her temper can also get the better of her (relatable, tbh), and I love that she is someone who believes in fighting the harder fights - the ones a lot of people turn a blind eye to. I've always appreciated that about her. I love a character with an exterior that's a bit trickier to navigate, but who actually has the biggest, kindest heart. 🖤

So here's to you, Hermione. Thank you for being a character that gave me permission to be bookish, and ambitious, and kind, and vocal (and maybe just a little bit of an obnoxious know-it-all) all wrapped up together. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🖤

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