Wand Woods: Behind the Design

This design is one of the first at Nox and Luna, and to this day, has been one of my absolute favorites to work on! I am so intrigued by the idea of wand lore. It would be a dream come true for me to learn how different woods interact with the wand cores, or how the strengths and abilities of a person essentially call to a certain combination of woods and cores. 

This design features 8 different wand woods, six of which are connected to significant characters in the HP series. One is the wood used for my wand (Rowan), and the other one, not connected to any major characters, is rose wood. (Though this is Fleur’s wand wood, so not a major character through the entire series, but still someone we still get to know a bit.)


Whether the wands favor protective magic or defensive magic, and whether it’s unicorn hair or dragon heart string, or perhaps the less common Phoenix feather, it is true what they say: the wand chooses the wizard (or witch 😉).

I’ll be diving a little deeper into the wand-lore in some upcoming videos on IG and TikTok, so be sure to follow there to keep up with them! 🖤 




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