Hi! I'm Karissa. Welcome to Nox + Luna, a shop dedicated to the stories, and the storytellers themselves. This is a place where you can find community and solidarity with other bookish friends who find solace in the pages of book.


Nox + Luna was born out of my immense love (see: slight obsession) with fantasy books, which then carried me into the literary world for good. A captivating story truly is my favorite place to escape. I began my journey as a very bookish 3rd grader, with The Sorceror's Stone (American, here!), in 1998. I stole it from my older brother, before he could finish it, and absolutely devoured the entire thing, and I've been hopelessly hooked ever since! The midnight showings, the lines for the book releases, reading through the night so not a soul could spoil anything... goodness, how I wish I could read my favorites for the first time! 

That magic and nostalgia? That's what I hope to capture here at Nox + Luna. Whether it's books and music, or travel and mental health, I want to make this shop to feel like you're bringing a little piece of home to you, every time you order.


xo, Karissa