I hope you love your new printed tees and sweatshirts! Now that you have them in hand, let me give you some tips to keep them looking good!  MACHINE WASHING:  Machine wash inside out on delicate cycle in COLD water. Use mild detergents, NO FABRIC SOFTENERS.  Do NOT use bleach. Fabric softeners and heat can cause printed areas to lift and fade, which is why we recommend cold water and NO softeners.    DRYING:  Avoid using heat when drying, as heat can cause printed image to degrade. For gentlest, best care, I ONLY recommend AIR DRYING for printed items. If using a dryer is unavoidable, always use the LOWEST heat setting to preserve the integrity of your printed tees.    IRONING:  If you are using an iron, always iron on the back side of the print. Place another piece fabric (like a towel) between printed design and iron for extra care.  Steam Irons are NOT recommended for printed areas. I prefer a steamer (not a steam iron) to smooth out any wrinkles.